About Boyd



Boyd Sharp was born in 1938 and like many artists he grew up in an artistic family.  Indoor activities were common during the long cold winters of the northern United States, where Boyd spent his childhood years.  In those days there was no television or video games but there was always drawing and coloring available.  This is how Boyd's artistic spirit began to grow.  In grade school Boyd enjoyed decorating his papers with unique designs and added color to many of them.  Today they would be considered cubism or contemporary art.  Unfortunately, none of his early drawings survived.

Boyd Sharp's high school art teacher encouraged him to go to art school but Boyd had to put personal ambitions on hold when he decided to marry his high school sweetheart.  Over the next few decades Boyd and his wife Ruby spent the majority of their time raising a family of seven children.  According to Boyd this turned out to be the best thing he ever did.

In the 1980’s Boyd Sharp was finally able to set up a make-shift art studio in his garage.  He began experimenting with a lot of different paints and pigments.  Some worked to his satisfaction, others did not.  The learning experience was great.  Visiting workshops, museums, art galleries, etc; along with intense study of books and magazines all helped Boyd further develop his artistic talents.

Boyd Sharp started with contemporary before moving into landscapes, floral, Southwest, and then portraits.  Learning each style formed a unique artistic synergy, where abilities gained from painting in one style multiply when combined with knowledge and near-mastery of other styles.  Boyd continuously rotates from one style to the next as he once stated: "to help my sanity and it seems to work!"

Boyd Sharp is an independent, self-guided artist and now paints full time.  He has been represented by several art galleries.  He now has an Amish crafted studio he has dedicated to his work. 

Thank you for visiting this website.  You may contact Boyd by calling 218-573-3412.

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